Sector 44, Gurugram

Air Conditioner Installation in Gurgaon




Address: Shop No. 31, Shri Ram Mehar Market, Village - Kanhai, gurugram, 122003

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4.8 / 5


2021-08-31 22:32:20
Good person to deal with nice and positive attitude on time delivery and installation done on same day.

2021-09-01 15:57:37
All installation service are very good. & Ur staff is cool.

2021-09-02 19:15:18
Nicely installation done my Air Conditioner. Thanks
Ashish Patal

2021-09-03 18:10:48
Best AC installation service.
Priya Yadav

2021-09-04 15:55:34
They're always there on time and they provide quick installation service.

2021-09-15 16:03:44
On time AC Uninstallation service. Good behavior.